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Privacy Policy

AdmitRx LLC (“AdmitRx”) operates the website as well as several social media pages associated with AdmitRx. This privacy policy discloses the privacy-related practices of AdmitRx through its online communications. It will notify you of:


  1. What non-identifying and personally identifying information AdmitRx collects from its users, and how this information is used.

  2. What options you have regarding our use of your data.

  3. Our efforts in securing your information and ensuring that this information is not shared.

Information Collected


Site Data: AdmitRx (like most websites) collects information on the visitors of the website via a simple, GDPR-compliant Visitor Analytics tool. This tool uses cookies to collect information like date/time of each visitor’s request, browser type, OS, IP address, page visited, and other general data. The data is collected by this tool to give AdmitRx information on how pages and services are utilized by its visitors. This data is pseudonymized by the Visitor Analytics tool and is visible to a select number of website administrators on the AdmitRx team. This data is not used to identify individual users or to match it with other information collected on individual users by AdmitRx. Each visitor can control the use of cookies by modifying browser settings on each device.


Billing: AdmitRx is hosted on a platform. Wix’s applications allow AdmitRx to sell our services to you. Direct payment gateways offered by and used by our company adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. This helps to ensure that any credit card or billing information is handled securely by the store and Wix’s applications. Any billing information collected by AdmitRx will be used exclusively for the purposes of completing that transaction and will not be used by AdmitRx for any other purposes.


User Data: Due to the personalized aspect of many AdmitRx services, AdmitRx may collect optional personally identifying information from its users that may be sensitive in nature. The type of information collected depends on the service that is utilized by the user. For example, users submitting essays for review may disclose information in those essays that is either personally identifying and/or considered private. Regardless of service type, AdmitRx uses the information given by its users only for the purposes of appropriately providing the selected service to the individual user. Access to this information is only provided to relevant members of the AdmitRx team that are providing the service to the individual user. AdmitRx will not disclose any of this information to a third party for any reason.


Email: Many services may require the use of communication via email between AdmitRx and its users. These emails are often required to engage in certain services provided on the website. Communication via email from AdmitRx will either be: (i) for the purposes of providing a service elected by the user or (ii) for providing occasional updates on services offered by the AdmitRx team. Users will have the ability to opt-out of general email communications at any time.


User Control of Personal Data


At any time and for any reason, individual users may contact AdmitRx via email ( to request (i) information on, (ii) the deletion of, or (iii) the correction of their personal data. Additionally, users can request removal of their email from any mailing list used by AdmitRx for communication purposes. Users are encouraged to email AdmitRx to discuss any concerns they may have with AdmitRx’s use of their data.




AdmitRx takes many precautions for the protection of user data. Any data provided by users for AdmitRx services is kept in a password protected environment. Only employees or other members of the AdmitRx team that are involved with providing the service are permitted access to relevant user data. Billing data used by Wix applications is PCI-DDS compliant.


AdmitRx prioritizes security and confidentiality for its users. However, in the unlikely event of a breach of security or data, AdmitRx is not liable for any damages other than damages caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct in an amount not to exceed under any circumstances the consideration paid by the user to AdmitRx for its services.


Privacy Policy Changes


AdmitRx reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy at any time without direct notification to its users. Please refer to this page regularly and note any changes that might come about. If AdmitRx feels that substantial changes have been made to the policy, AdmitRx will reach out via the mailing list to notify users of these changes.




AdmitRx is a third-party service founded by Medical Students that draw on their personal experiences and research to provide targeted assistance to pre-medical students in the application process. While AdmitRx will make every effort to provide the highest quality service to the individual, the services provided by AdmitRx are not guaranteed to provide any particular outcome for its users.


AdmitRx is not affiliated with any third party resources that individual AdmitRx team members may recommend. If they do recommend such services, these recommendations come solely from the individual or collective experiences of the AdmitRx team and are not sponsored recommendations.


MCAT and AMCAS are registered trademarks of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). AAMC does not endorse AdmitRx or any AdmitRx services. AdmitRx is not endorsed by any individual Medical Colleges, nor does engaging in AdmitRx services guarantee any discrete advantage in the Medical School application process.

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