Planning on self-studying for the MCAT? We were too. While a formalized MCAT course might be helpful for some, self-studying might be more useful and cost-effective for others. Let us help you optimize your study time with resources that fit your needs.


Our package includes:


  • A schedule tailored to you: let us know what your schedule looks like and we’ll create a custom, daily schedule broken down to the hour. We’ll let you know what to study, how much to study, when to take practice exams, etc. All you have to do is let us know what your schedule(1) looks like 3 months out from your exam.


  • Our research: The AdmitRx team members each studied for the MCAT in different ways to achieve successful scores. Countless hours of online research, personal experience, and price analysis have allowed us to compile optimized recommended resource lists and study schedules for your benefit.


  • Recommended list of resources: Your budget for MCAT preparation matters. The AdmitRx team has compiled recommended resource packages at a variety of price points that we believe will provide you with the effective and comprehensive MCAT preparation you need.(2)


  • 4 calls with our team: Need someone to talk to about your preparation? We got your back. We will call you at the beginning to help set up your plan; then, it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to use the remaining 3 fifteen-minute calls. We will work with you to figure out strategies that can make studying more efficient.


  • 1 “Pivot”: we understand that studying doesn’t always work out the way you want. We can provide 1 study plan adjustment (3) at any point during your study plan period to further tailor to your needs.


  1. You can provide as much or as little detail about your schedule as you like. However, the more information you provide, the more we can customize our plan for you.

  2. Recommended resources are not purchased by the AdmitRx team or included in the price paid for the advising service.

  3. Adjustments can be made up to one month prior to your exam.

MCAT Self-Study Plan

  • Purchase of this product will provide a downloadable AdmitRx form to be completed prior to your pre-plan advising phone call. Please upload this form to the Consult Forms Page MCAT Dropbox prior to your first call. This information will allow us to effectively create your MCAT preparation schedule. You will be contacted within 24 hrs of purchase to schedule your first call.

  • If you would like more specifics on how this product works, please email and a staff member will be happy to break down the specifics of the plan prior to purchase.



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