The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application. Let us help you tailor your essay to make you stand out. Purchase of this product will provide a downloaded form to be filled out with your personal statement and concerns. You will receive 3 rounds of edits with a quick turnaround: we will return the first edits within 3 business days, the second edits within 2 business days, and the third edits within 2 business days of their respective file uploads. We will have the same two members edit your personal statement all three times, ensuring continuity throughout the process.

Longitudinal Personal Statement Editing

  • Purchase of this product will provide a downloadable AdmitRx form to be completed and reuploaded to the website on the Consult Forms Page. This document will contain a field for you to insert your personal statement and add any specific concerns you may have before we begin the editing process. Please reupload your revised personal statement to the same Consult Forms Page after each round of edits.